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As I was watching the NHRA US Nationals over the weekend, I saw the replay of Clay Millican’s Parts Plus sponsored Top Fuel Dragster engine explosion several times. Being a marketer, I couldn’t help but to think of all of the exposure Parts Plus received due to the multiple replays as well as the press coverage where Clay stated that Parts Plus would supply the parts to the get
the engine replaced.

In the end, Clay did not qualify, but Parts Plus got lots more coverage than any other sponsor whose driver did not qualify and on race day, they even more coverage than those who didn’t get pass first round.  We obviously never want to see a mishap that results in injury, but perhaps blowing up a motor isn’t so costly afterall?

While it’s not all that motorsports marketing is about, TV exposure is definately a big part of the draw. In my next blog post, I will discuss the many additional advantages of putting your brand behind a driver through the power of motrosports marketing.